A lil' pepper in paper

Posted in Duniaku by ayaslarasati on January 8, 2013
Hello, how are you doing my blog?

yes, again, i'm writing something in this blog right now (very rarely).
Why if you wanna ask me? (and it's in English)
i don't know, i feel like sometimes i wanna write something, you know?
and that writing is not something serious or about my tasks in academy.
that's why i never actually turning this blog off.
Because i know, one day, i will be writing again in this place (just like right now).
Only to express what i actually feel (as a human maybe), what actually happening to me,
and what is actually happening in my thoughts. 
Maybe i'm a little bit naive. Why im not writing on a diary or a journal or something?
I dont know, maybe it's just that i like to share what's happening to me or
what is my thought actually thinking, to you that i dont know of, and maybe, maybe,
one of you (as in stranger) when you're reading this, happened to wanna
share some thoughts with me. it can be anything, really.
and why is it in English? i mean, why not? this is internet we're talking about.
the whole world can see it, can read it, and should have been understand it. 
so, why not sharing it with the world? and discuss it.

i think i'm gonna write a long post after this.
my hands miss it and i have a bunch that is going on that i wanna share.
so, please, if you don't mind..........

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