A lil' pepper in paper

The needs to let it out.

Posted in 1 by ayaslarasati on March 21, 2015

I hate being all by myself. i cannot trust myself YET after all this time. i have to be in surround with people or only by some of them. If i’m alone i don’t know where will my mind or emotion get me. They will probably carried me away. I am not strong enough. I cannot fight them YET. i really AM struggling. i tried, and to tell you truth, i didn’t realized that it will be this hard to fought my own mind and emotion for myself. They are killing me but they are me. i NEED to control it. i CANNOT dependent only by the meds. my SOUL have to believe it that i WILL HEAL. that I WILL HAVE A HEALTHY MENTAL AND I CAN THROUGH THIS!


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