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The needs to let it out.

Posted in 1 by ayaslarasati on March 21, 2015

I hate being all by myself. i cannot trust myself YET after all this time. i have to be in surround with people or only by some of them. If i’m alone i don’t know where will my mind or emotion get me. They will probably carried me away. I am not strong enough. I cannot fight them YET. i really AM struggling. i tried, and to tell you truth, i didn’t realized that it will be this hard to fought my own mind and emotion for myself. They are killing me but they are me. i NEED to control it. i CANNOT dependent only by the meds. my SOUL have to believe it that i WILL HEAL. that I WILL HAVE A HEALTHY MENTAL AND I CAN THROUGH THIS!


kepercayaan, ya?

Posted in 1 by ayaslarasati on June 20, 2011

tahu kan kamu apa itu kepercayaan?

tahu tidak, jika ingin dipercaya ya sebaliknya kamu menjaga perasaan dan menjaga kepercayaan orang tersebut?

jika dipercaya, bukan berarti bisa santai semudah itu sehinga seperti semena-mena, bukan?

mungkin semena-mena itu berlebihan, tapi aku tak bisa menemukan kata lain yang menghampiri itu.

harus bagaimana sih untuk menjaga perasaan dan kepercayaan orang tersebut?

benarkah kamu ingin tahu?

ya pikir saja sendiri masa kamu seperti anak kecil yang harus disuapin terus, betul tidak?